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Timbuktu Webinar Today

By Harlan Wallach on 21 Apr 2008 – 8:01 pm
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The longest commute

By Stefani Foster on 19 Jan 2008 – 9:56 am
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Our team has returned from a very successful phase completion trip for our manuscript digitization project with SAVAMA-DCI in Timbuktu.  Details of our work can, once again, be found on Harlan’s blog, but let me be the first to announce our record-breaking 41-hour commute home.  From Timbuktu to Bamako to Paris to Chicago with no […]

A technological first in Timbuktu

By Harlan Wallach on 13 Jan 2008 – 10:56 am
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Surfing to the NUAMPS blog from the outside of the lab on an iPod touch. Besides the training in the lab, and the documentation of the manuscripts, there is another aspect of this project which is putting in place technologies that would be no different were this lab in New york, or Evanston. This afternoon […]

Timbuktu, January 08

By Harlan Wallach on 11 Jan 2008 – 4:28 am
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Today we head off for the culminating trip of the NUAMPS/ALUKA/SAVAMA manuscript project. This is being posted from CDG at PAris. Stefani Foster, Chris Ostertag, and I are en route to Timbutku. This series of project report blog pages will begin with the President of Northwestern University, Henry Beinen and his wife, Professor of Law, […]