Aaron Dolan joins AMPS

By Aaron Dolan on 3 Feb 2016 – 10:24 am
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Hello! My name is Aaron Dolan and I recently became a new staff member in AMPS. I received my BA in Studies in Cinema and Media Culture from the University of Minnesota and then made my way to Chicago. I was a freelance Video Specialist primarily working in camera operating and editing with the occasional Photography work. I’m excited to be a part of the team and to continue doing what I love!


Animation Workshop Part 2

By Laura_Kick on 28 Jan 2016 – 3:30 pm
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Blog 2 Photo 3Today we continued our Animation Workshop for Teri Odom’s Chemistry 105 class!  We started with a demonstration of the One Button Studio, located in the Main Library 1 South tower.  This studio allows for the quick and easy creation of videos.  Presenter(s) speak to the camera and have the option to show a powerpoint presentation on the monitor next to them.  All it takes is the push of one button to record and save the video to a flashdrive!

We then moved to the Lightboard Studio in Tech.  This unique space allows presenters to illustrate concepts on a clear glass board and overlay a powerpoint as needed.  The camera looks into a mirror, reversing the image so that text written on the lightboard is readable both to the presenter and to the video audience.

Blog 2 Photo 1


Blog 2 Photo 2

From here, students will write scripts about nanotechnology or chemistry concepts and turn these scripts into final videos at the end of the course.  We always love working with Teri Odom and her class for this workshop and can’t wait to see the final products!

Animation Workshop Part 1

By Laura_Kick on 26 Jan 2016 – 3:37 pm
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Blog 1 Photo 1

This week, FSS and AMPS are partnering to host a introductory animation & explanatory video creation workshop for Professor Teri Odom’s Chemistry 105 class!  The goal of this 2-part workshop is to introduce skills and technologies that the students can use to create a final project.  This year, we’re focusing on phone/tablet-based solutions (Lapse It, Adobe Clip, Tellagami Edu, & Pinnacle Studio) and on-campus production options (One Button Studio & Lightboard Studio).

Blog 1 Photo 2

Today, we started with a discussion of storyboarding and the importance of thinking through your story and explanation before beginning to film or animate (lead by Mohammad).  Working in small groups, students created a brief storyboard that they then used in the breakout sessions.  Brigita worked with one group of students on hand-drawn animation using Lapse It and Pinnacle Studio.  Simultaneously, Laura and the second group used Tellagami and Pinnacle to create an animated direct address video with different static background images.  Then the two groups switched stations.  The goal of the breakout sessions was for each group to have the opportunity to test out the technology and to do a proof of concept project.

Blog 1 Image 3

On Thursday, we’ll continue this workshop with demonstrations of the One Button Studio and the Lightboard Studio.  We’ll also be hosting office hours in case students have additional questions as they proceed with their individual projects.

New Collaboration Tool Live in Canvas

By Dan Hoefler on 22 Dec 2015 – 11:00 am
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  • Blue Jeans web conferencing service now available in all Northwestern Canvas courses
  • Quickly and easily connect from any device, any time

Starting now, the Blue Jeans web conferencing service is available in every Northwestern course on Canvas. It provides easy to use, high-resolution videoconferencing and content sharing on any device for a great price – FREE. Blue Jeans enables greater flexibility for faculty and students to bring in guest lecturers, enable group collaboration, and hold office hours at convenient times from anywhere in the world on any device.

Faculty from Medill and Kellogg piloted the integration of Blue Jeans into Canvas during the Fall Quarter and the feedback was unanimously positive. Medill’s Frank Dudley used Blue Jeans for both his online and blended courses, praising its flexibility to allow him to seamlessly include outside thought leaders and guest lecturers into the online learning experience. Professor Dudley and his students have set the current record for number of minutes used by a single course in 10 weeks, with more than 260 hours logged. Kellogg’s Jan van Mieghem also applauded the Blue Jeans integration for allowing him to easily meet with his EMBA groups that include students in Colombia, Peru, Mexico, and the U.S. simultaneously.

We invite all faculty and students in Canvas to give it a try. Anyone with a Northwestern NetID can get a free account and begin using it now either by going to the Northwestern Blue Jeans page or simply by clicking the Blue Jeans tab in their Canvas course site. To learn more and see a video demonstration of the integration in action, please visit the Canvas Learning Center.

In retreat: The AMPS team does a hackathon

At The Garage maker space

By Harlan Wallach on 13 Dec 2015 – 1:09 pm
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Every year or so (it’s been 18 months since the last time) we run a group activity to focus our efforts, get to know each other and the work our  teams do, and work towards bringing reflection, better internal practices, and brainstorm on innovation into the group efforts. With the recent staff changes in our group it was time to do a staff retreat, and Laura Kick was very helpful in helping me coordinate and facilitate the event.



This year we explored both a new space on campus, The Garage, and a hackathon style retreat. As part of the activity I wanted to explore the opportunities in the maker space and we scanned ourselves and printed our own action figures.


IMG_4785 IMG_4787

Kellogg EMBA Live Stream Event

A live stream from Alice Millar Chapel

By Aaron Dolan on 13 Dec 2015 – 10:23 am
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We had the pleasure today to live stream and capture the Kellogg Executive MBA (EMBA) Convocation at Alice Millar Chapel. We have been supporting this event for quite some time and I have always enjoy supporting occasions such as these at the University. Today, I had the opportunity to direct the live event, and ran the event from set up to break down. It’s an important event – not only for the students that are being honored, but also for those of us who work at Northwestern.

Dean Blount

Kellogg Dean Sally Blount Speaking

The student speakers for the EMBA convocation, James Rosseau and Marshall Swor, gave moving speeches about the impact Northwestern University had on their lives and the continuing impact of the bonds they created during their time here. The speeches were well-received with standing ovations from the crowd, which included over 100 students and their families.

Additional speakers included Ann Drake, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of DSC Logistics and Sally Blount who provided opening remarks.

On the technical side of the event, Mike Curtis ran Mediasite which provided a live feed to the Convocation Ceremony page.

My fellow colleagues also working the event included John Zachary, Jon Fraaza and Nic Park. They did an awesome job camera operating and working audio.

The setup for this type of “on location” event is a bit larger than you might think. It involves a lot of technology – and some elbow grease – to successfully bring everything together.

Tricaster and Mediasite

Tricaster Switching

Our technical setup involved two Panasonic PX270 cameras that fed video into a Tricaster. We used the Tricaster to “live switch” the event, which was then put on Northwestern’s website via the Mediasite. Over 100 people were able to watch the event live from all over the world.

We’re looking forward to streaming the EMBA convocation for the graduating class of 2016!

Guest Blogger at Educause Review: Laura Kick

Laura wrote a thing....

By Harlan Wallach on 2 Dec 2015 – 10:40 am
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Laura Kick, one of the key members of our production team here in Academic and Research Technology is guest blogging at Educause Review

“I work at Northwestern University Information Technology, specifically in the part of Academic and Research Technologies specializing in digital media and video production: the Advanced Media Production Studio. Although I am not a manager on any official chart, my colleagues and I are managers all the same, working with teams to complete projects and acting as leaders and followers as warranted.

This spring I attended the EDUCAUSE New IT Managers Program. The presentations and conversations with fellow students sparked an almost overwhelming number of thoughts and questions. The ones that most often stole my attention were those related to my professional growth..”

Read her full post  here.


Kellogg On Growth Conference

By Mike Curtis on 10 Nov 2015 – 9:45 am
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Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 9.32.33 AM

November 10th, 3 months in the making, is the full day of the Kellogg On Growth Conference. The event, quite unlike any other on campus since I’ve been here (9 years), and probably many more years than that, is an event encompassing over 1500 students, faculty and staff all on the same day.  Beginning at 9am and wrapping up after 9pm, in 6 locations across campus, with corporate sponsors, high profile guest speakers and a fully organized student group involved in putting this event together – this is the Kellogg on Growth Conference.

Growth Forum Space Plan overview

Northwestern Information Technology’s role in the event covers the video capture of the opening session, live streaming (opening and closing session), support for track sessions in Cahn, Pick Staiger, Galvin Hall and Welsh-Ryan auditorium. and oversight of the technical components for the presentations throughout the day.


Right now I’m in the Cahn booth with Stephen Poon in AMPS and will be heading over to Welsh-Ryan to get setup for closing session later this evening.  In Welsh-Ryan, they’re using the the jumbotron for the presentations and a 4′ stage on the basketball court.  I’ll update with a photo later this afternoon.


Our Posters for the 2015 Oncofertility Conference

"Critical Conversations in Oncofertility: Pediatrics and Beyond"

By Harlan Wallach on 3 Nov 2015 – 6:01 pm
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Besides supporting the AV needs of the conference, NUIT A&RT participated in this evening’s poster session for the 2015 Oncofertility Consortium. We’ve been supporting Dr. Woodruff and attending the conference for nine years. This year we have a poster for describing the upcoming consortium web site redesign, and a poster of the just launched Introduction to Reproduction mooc (massive open online course).

A&RT ‘s Alex Miner and Nick Gertonsen manned the poster for the web site redesign.




Heather Hasely, lead instructional designer and Megan Castle, our Woodruff Lab content specialist were on hand to discuss the development and features of the mooc.


Screenshot 2015-10-29 16.23.08(1)



It’s a real honor to be able to  support the great work of the Woodruff Lab and our long continuing collaboration with Dr. Woodruff.



A New Home on Arts Circle Drive

By Stephen Poon on 24 Sep 2015 – 6:58 pm
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Today, NUAMPS recorded the dedication ceremony for Northwestern’s new Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Center for the Musical Arts, where students and faculty will find a new home for recitals, concerts, practice rooms, and more. The original Music Administration Building was first founded in 1874 as the Woman’s College of Northwestern University. This new building, for the Bienen School of Music and the School of Communication, is sure to stand for at least another 141 years!